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massive fights this weekend with sister....which hasnt happened in ages.. total bitch... like its seriously not fair to watch tv downstairs adn then bitch at me for watching it upstairs because you were taping something.... fuck off and get off your royal ass bitch... cant hog both tvs adn if you want to watch what your taping then fucking watch it instead of the other shit for fucks sake.. adn then theres dj who was such a  fucking prick all weekend... i cried myself to sleep... ive had jut asbout enough of this shit from everybody for a while... asia i cant wait till you get to town so i can fucking let loose and have some fun for once
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So THAT'S what was up! :( I'm sorry about that, I totally feel for ya on the sister thing though! Me and my lil sis pulled that crap with each other all the time growing up. It sucks!! I hope DJ makes it up to you for being a jerk too!

hilary hun.

I'm glad that you called me and talked today, it seemed like you reallly needed to get that stuff off your chest. I'm sorry i cant do much more than listen right now i would if i could. I am here for you by the phone or e-mail until i get home on sunday, and after that i might even take a trip into vic to help you babysit before i see you. i cant wait for our weekend baby. me and you. what could be much better. hang in there. you'll get through this, all it needs is a little time.
moana haah... haven't heard about her for awhile.

we should coffee sometime

I've been thinking about you, i e-mailed you and thought you would have written back, maybe your not home from wrok, but you were on msn earlier, whats up kiddo?