suki suki (untraindthought) wrote,
suki suki

ok so im pretty sure that i have the most amazing best friends ever....

asia... youve been there through everything and youre the sister ive never had

hannah... you are ridiculous and understand absolutely anythiny that i throw at you

gwen... you are the entertainer of my life... its never dull moment when youre around
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so whats the deal, you dont write me back? i really want to tal to you. tonight i am going to a funeral for a freind who passed away a few days ago. i'm n ot looking to aruge, i have a lot on my mind and i am trying to deal with the news of a good freind passing away. but i do want to talk to you. i wrote you a fairly good e-mail, and you can even give me the time of day to write me back. i still love you