suki suki (untraindthought) wrote,
suki suki

i think im going to be ok... i feel kinda strangely liberated.... i feel like for hte first time in weeks/monthes i can breath... i no longer have to work with coke-heads who force me to do things i dont want to do.. i can quite smoking and wont have co-workers or a boyfriend pressuring me into lighting up and i wont do drugs because a) i dont want to and b) i cant get them for free and in a moments notice... life just seems so mch simplier and better... its the perfect time for me to move on to my new job... oh yah.. i quit eugenes yesterday and start peppers on monday next week... this whole change thing feels right... finally like im slowly pieceing my life back together... im not a trainwreck like this time last year... im not drinking so mask my emotions.. im not getting high so feel... im eating regular meals and not purging.. my body is full and my spirits are high... i think im going to be alright
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awesome, sounds like things are all coming together for you
we need to do coffee... i work full time now but weekends are all mine... are you down?
i work weekends haha. and i can't drive at the moment.
peppers!!! one by my house?? i must visit u sum time..
yes yes it is
i'm proud of ya, hil <3
thank you so much sara
where did you work?

ps good for you! and good luck.
peppers grocery by cadrobay village... and we need to chill
obviously we do. i work a lot, though.
you rock my world
aww sweety im so happy for you!!! things always work out no matter how shitty they seem at the time. but yeah, im really happy for you!!!!
erin i love you
I was on the bus yesterday, and some guy was saying he got fired from eugene's for no reason.. it made me think of you
but anyway, good for you hilary!!!
drugs are bad
and being pressured into them, or anything really, is the worst.
as long as you're happy now :)